KAWN point-of-sales application. (Photo Courtesy of KAWN)

TECH Partners with BCA to Propel Culinary Industry

NOVEMBER 02, 2022

Jakarta. Indosterling Technomedia (TECH) announced that it had teamed up with banking giant BCA to help food and beverage businesses embrace technology using its point-of-sales application KAWN, which in turn, would help propel the culinary industry.

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry reported that the culinary subsector was the largest contributor to the creative economy's gross domestic product (GDP), reaching almost 43 percent every year. 

According to KAWN director Yoas, the partnership is in response to the ministry's call to spur the culinary industry.

"Digitization of culinary products is one of the initiatives that the Tourism Ministry is currently pushing to propel the culinary industry. This is expected to broaden the scope of product marketing and provide added value for business actors. This collaboration is a real example of its implementation," Yoas said in a recent statement.


Yoas added that the partnership would make it easier for cashiers to process transactions on BCA’s electronic data capture (EDC) system.

 “The cashier only needs to input the purchase transactions through the cash register without having to re-input the numbers into the BCA’s EDC machine. Additionally, the transaction data in the EDC machine can automatically be recorded (captured) by the cashier’s POS," he said.

"This collaboration between KAWN and BCA will aid in the processing of card payment via BCA’s EDC machines at culinary business outlets," he remarked.

KAWN is one of Indosterling Technomedia's products aimed at the food and beverage industry.

The online cashier app aims to create the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, particularly in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, according to Yoas.

KAWN embraces a big data approach in which the app makes use of the data collected from users’ traffic as a basis to evaluate its features and make improvements. 

KAWN revealed that its users were particularly interested in the inventory or stock management tool. This tool enables users to manage, move, or set an expiration date for the ingredients. It is not only helpful for stock management but can also help determine the production cost and menu pricing.