Herbal supplement Herbamuno+ from Mustika Ratu. (Photo Courtesy of Mustika Ratu)

These Five Herbs Have Ample Health Benefits

OCTOBER 05, 2021

Jakarta. The Covid-19 pandemic has made people become more health-conscious. People are now looking for ways to amplify their immune system — starting from having a healthy diet, regular workouts to consuming herbal beverages.

Indonesia is blessed with an abundance of medicinal herbs that can do wonders for your health. 


Among them is green chiretta (andrographis paniculata). According to herbal beverage platform Jamu Digital, green chiretta can help relieve fevers, inflammations, and aches. Locally known as sambiloto, it also possesses hepatoprotective effects, meaning that it protects the liver functions. 

A 2010 randomized, double-blind clinical study of green chiretta extract in patients with uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection, showed that the herb was effective in reducing the symptoms.

“The clinical test shows that the green chiretta extract is twice more efficacious [52.7 percent] in decreasing symptoms of upper respiratory infection than the placebo,” Jamu Digital wrote on their website, citing Saxena et al’s study.

Another healthy herb resident to Indonesia is licorice. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, licorice soothes coughs and difficulty in breathing. In addition to being a hepatoprotector, licorice has gastroprotective effects.

Meniran leaves are also loaded with similar health benefits — namely anti-inflammation, hepatoprotective, and gastroprotective effects, Jamu Digital said.

Also beneficial for your health is ginger. The herbaceous plant acts as an analgesic or pain reliever, as well as a gastroprotector. Ginger is also an immunomodulator — thus, it can help control the body’s immune system.

And last but not least is the hepatoprotective cashew leaves. The herb alleviates inflammation, diarrhea, and is rich in antioxidants. It is also a bronchodilator thus has the ability to make breathing easier.

So where can we easily find all these five herbs? Last year, cosmetics giant Mustika Ratu launched Herbamuno+, a herbal supplement that packs all these homegrown ingredients in one caplet. 

Herbamuno+ comes in packs of 12 strips, and is readily available at local convenience stores Indomaret and Alfamart. You can also have Herbamuno+ delivered straight to your doorsteps by shopping on Shopee, Tokopedia, Halodoc, and GrabHealth.

According to Mustika Ratu, Herbamuno+ is safe for kids’ consumption. 

Children aged 2-12 can take a tablet twice a day. The dosage for adults is two-three tablets a day. Teens between the age of 12 and 9 years can adjust with the maximum dosage of either children (two tablets a day) or adults (four tablets a day).