(Photo Courtesy of Tokopedia)

Tokopedia Marketing Solutions Helps Sellers Reach More Buyers

SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

Jakarta. Indonesian technology company with the biggest marketplace, Tokopedia, recently launched Tokopedia Marketing Solutions to help sellers of all sizes grow their business and expand their audience reach.

The new feature would help businesses reach more Tokopedia users across 99 percent of the sub-districts in Indonesia, according to Edwin Chayadi, the VP of Marketing Solutions at Tokopedia. 

Sellers can also have a stronger presence throughout the consumer purchase journey. Users will more likely come across their products when browsing Tokopedia’s homepage. With TopAds, the seller’s products can get to the top of the platform’s search bar. 

“Tokopedia Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive marketing solution from Tokopedia to help businesses achieve their promotional goals and reach sustainable business growth,” Edwin was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.


Other benefits include the ability to target the right audience and always-on-marketing. Sellers can also promote their products using broadcast chat and push notifications. Their products can also appear on the users’ notification page. 

According to Edwin, sellers can place an ad on the interactive game Tap Tap Kotak in which users can win coupons or cashback. Tokopedia Marketing Solutions also enables sellers to promote their products or stores with streams on Tokopedia Play streaming channel and maximize their social media by placing collaborative ads with Tokopedia. 

“The benefits that Tokopedia Marketing Solutions offer are proven to be effective. As of the first semester in 2021, Tokopedia Marketing Solutions witnessed a seventeenfold growth in its advertisement investment value. The number of medium to large-scale strategic partners also grew by thirtyfold,” Edwin said.

The press statement revealed that an unnamed fashion brand managed to get a 103 percent growth in the average volume of orders, thanks to Tokopedia Marketing Solutions. Tokopedia also reported an unnamed FMCG company saw a 146 percent and 169 percent increase in revenue and the number of orders, respectively.