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Tokopedia Named One of Top 10 Places to Work For

May 25, 2022 | 1:57 pm
(Photo courtesy of Tokopedia)
(Photo courtesy of Tokopedia)

Jakarta. Business magazine SWA and management consulting firm Korn Ferry recently named Indonesian tech giant Tokopedia as one of the top 10 top-of-mind best workplaces.

SWA unveiled this list of the best workplaces at the recent 2022 Indonesia Employer of Choice Award. 

Joining Tokopedia is state-owned oil company Pertamina, fast-moving consumer goods giant Unilever, and state-owned telecom company Telkom Indonesia. BCA and Bank Mandiri also made the list.

The awarding based off of the 2022 Job Seekers Survey conducted by SWA and Korn Ferry. 

The survey saw participation from 4,885 respondents, of which 82 percent were university students and about 18 percent were employees with up to 2 years of working experience. Of those polled, 33 percent were from the Greater Jakarta area, 24 percent from Bandung, 22 percent from East Java. About 21 percent of the respondents were from Central Java-Yogyakarta.

For the survey's top workplace (top-of-mind) category, respondents had to name the three best companies to work for. Tokopedia was one of the most mentioned names in the survey. Seven percent of those polled named Tokopedia as the Top 10 Best Workplace (Top of Mind).

The 2022 Job Seekers Survey also asked the respondents the three main reasons why they had chosen the three companies in the earlier category. The responses were as follows: corporate image (60 percent), career (37 percent), salary (37 percent), interests (36 percent), benefits (28 percent), others (25 percent), location or work atmosphere (10 percent), facilities (8 percent).

Tokopedia Named One of Top 10 Places to Work For
Tokopedia employees go by the nickname "Nakama" — the Japanese word for comrade. (Photo Courtesy of Tokopedia)

Tokopedia currently has more than 6,000 Nakama —the nickname for Tokopedia's employees and the Japanese word for comrade— under its wings. With many of the survey respondents taking interest in Tokopedia, it is possible that the number of nakama would continue to grow.

“A sustainable employer branding is crucial in building a strong and outstanding corporate image in the eyes of Nakama and future Nakamas, the majority of whom are of the younger generation,” Nanang Chalid, the vice president of people and office management at Tokopedia, was quoted as saying by SWA.

According to Nanang, Tokopedia believes that employer branding is not just about hiring the best talents to propel business growth. But it is also about sparking aspirations and positive energy for existing and future Nakamas to make a positive impact in Indonesia through technology. 

Tokopedia has launched a number of programs to help nurture Indonesia's digital talents. For instance, DevCamp, Data Challenge, and the Product Acceleration Program. Other digital talent initiatives include Tokopedia Academy and Tokopedia Goes to Campus.

Since May 2020, Tokopedia has also implemented a 100-percent work from home policy to protect all Nakama from the Covid-19 outbreak.

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