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Turn Heads with Mondial’s Gala and Glamorous Collections

Jayanty Nada Shofa
April 15, 2022 | 3:45 pm
Diamond jeweler Mondial has recently unveiled the hand fan-inspired Gala Collection. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)
Diamond jeweler Mondial has recently unveiled the hand fan-inspired Gala Collection. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Jakarta. Diamond jeweler Mondial has just debuted the Gala Collection, whose exquisite, hand fan-inspired design is ready to turn heads.

In the Victorian era, hand fans were not just a fashion accessory, but they also signified a woman’s social standing.

“At the time, hand fans were commonly carried by noblewomen. Carrying a hand fan sets a woman’s social status apart from the others. That is what we are trying to portray in our Gala Collection,” Mondial general manager Leslie Christian Saputra said at a media gathering in Jakarta on Thursday.

The Gala Collection seeks to make its wearer stand out from the rest in every occasion, be it cocktail parties or when hanging out with friends. It encompasses a necklace, ladies rings, earrings, pendants, and bangles of a total 20 different designs, while also combining fancy shapes or non-brilliant round diamonds.

The intricately-designed Gala’s diamond pendants, for instance, combine pear, baguette, and round with a total weight of up to 1.6 carats. Three of the Gala pendants are in white gold, and one comes in rose gold.

Turn Heads with Mondial’s Gala and Glamorous Collections
Mondial’s Gala Collection pendant embraces a hand fan-inspired design. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial) ​​​​

Mondial also tries to portray the hand fan concept in the form of a ladies ring. The Gala ladies rings exude elegance thanks to the combination of pear, round, and marquise cuts. It weighs up to 2.8 carats. Women have six different designs to choose from with five of them set in white gold and the other is in rose gold.

It is not without a reason that the Gala collection embraces a combination of fancy shapes. Mondial seeks to show the market that there are many different diamond shapes, other than the widely known brilliant round cuts. The use of fancy shaped diamonds sets Mondial apart from the others, according to Leslie.

"Everyone out there is using round cut diamonds, but we want to give something different. Mondial as a brand has repositioned itself. We seek to be different in all aspects, including in our products,” Leslie said, while also referring to the brand’s “I’m Different” tagline.

Turn Heads with Mondial’s Gala and Glamorous Collections
Mondial's exquisite Gala Collection radiates elegance. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Be in the Spotlight with Glamorous Collection

What is a better way to stand out at a gala dinner than wearing breathtaking diamond jewelries? At the media gathering, Mondial also showcased its Glamorous Collection, which is ready to spruce up your gala dinner look.

The Glamorous Collection uses the globally renowned De Beers Forevermark diamonds. Only less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are worthy of De Beers Forevermark inscription after going through a rigorous selection process.

The Glamorous Collection takes inspiration from nature, be it the rain, waves or an elephant’s trunk.

Turn Heads with Mondial’s Gala and Glamorous Collections
The Rainfall necklace from Mondial's Glamorous Collection can add elegance to your red carpet look. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

“People find serenity when it rains. And after the rain, comes the rainbow,” Leslie said when explaining the inspiration behind the Rainfall series from the Glamorous Collection.

Aside from Rainfall, other Glamorous Collection series include the Magical Wave, Elefante, Serena, Kamini, Bulle, Morning Dew, Twister, Stalactite, Filigree, and Lattice. They come in diamond necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

For more information, visit the official websites of Mondial, Frank & co., and The Palace Jeweler. Follow their official Instagram accounts at @mondial, @franknco_id , and @thepalace_id.

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