(Photo Courtesy of Sekolah Pelita Harapan)

Two SPH Students Achieve Perfect Scores in IBDP

JULY 23, 2021

Jakarta. Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) ranked among the world’s leading schools for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) with two perfect scores of 45 points.

SPH students Victoria Rose Liando, Indonesian, and Kim Su Yeon, South Korean, emerged as this year’s top scorers, placing them within the top 0.5 percent of 170,000 students worldwide who received their IBDP results in the first week of July. 

A total of 34 SPH students placed among the top 9 percent of the world who scored above 40 points.  The total 133 graduating students from the 4 SPH campuses achieved an average of 35.89 points, outperforming the IBDP world average score of 33.02 points.

“It has been a challenging two years for students and teachers at SPH and many schools worldwide. Due to the pandemic, we all needed to quickly adjust to online teaching and learning practices that certainly brought with them a range of unique challenges,” Mark Roland Thiessen, Head of School at SPH Kemang Village, said.

“We are so proud of our community for working diligently to ensure that the high-quality learning experience that SPH is known for was not diminished. Our DP students demonstrated an incredible amount of resilience both mentally and intellectually as they pursued the goal of completing the program and moving on to universities worldwide. We are also grateful for our partners at IB who adapted the program to not only ensure fairness and equity but also to assist us in keeping our students safe while they achieved their goals,” he added.

The Covid-19 crisis has driven schools across the country to switch to online learning. 

The decision raised concerns regarding its sub-optimal substitute compared to face-to-face instruction, especially in the absence of universal access to infrastructure (hardware and software) and lack of adequate preparation among teachers and students for the unique demands of the online learning process. The solid IBDP results achieved by the graduating class of SPH proved an online alternative to teaching to be just as effective as face to face learning.

SPH’s 133 graduating students received multiple acceptances from 187 universities in 16 different countries. Top scorer Victoria Rose Liando chose Yale University to continue education in economics while 37% of SPH students were offered a total sum of more than US$ 7 million in the form of 99 scholarships from 68 universities around the world covering grants and aid for 4 years of study. 

Full scholarship offers were received by four SPH students: Joanna Kumendong from both NYU Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Yale NUS Singapore, Jason Adhinarta from Boston College and Boston University, Matthew Chung from Cornell University and Anna Long from Emory University, USA.

The stellar IBDP results provided access to the world’s best universities, including  UC Berkeley, Columbia University and University College London, which can be attributed as well to the incredible support of SPH’s University Counselor.

SPH observed that the fundamental core towards developing students’ strong attitudes towards learning helped them overcome some of the potential online learning challenges, such as maintaining focus and keeping motivated. Their positive attitude towards learning, self-regulation and intrinsic motivation supported the students’ performance. 

Attitude and dispositions were also influenced by the support students received from families and teachers. These key factors synergized with SPH’s use of effective information and communication technologies (ICT) contributed to maximize benefits of online learning opportunities. 

“Our students and teachers worked diligently through the challenging virtual school year and adapted well to the adjustments that were required to fulfill all IB requirements. I was encouraged by the support our students received from parents and teachers. That support, along with the focused effort from students contributed to these notable results” Brett Bonnema, Head of School at SPH Sentul City, said.

As the new school year approaches, SPH continues to rise above the challenges of developing a knowledge building online education community.