High school students attend school assembly in Public High School 69 at Pramuka Island. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

UPH, BeritaSatu and First Media Launch $6.7 Million Scholarship Program


AUGUST 14, 2020

Jakarta. Pelita Harapan University, or UPH, along with Link Net's cable TV provider brand First Media and BeritaSatu Media Holdings (BSMH) have launched a scholarship program worth of Rp 100 billion (an estimate $6.7 million) for high school students graduating in 2021.

"For ten years and more, UPH has been granting students across Indonesia with full scholarship be it on scholastic achievement, sports, and for those who struggle financially," UPH rector Jonathan L. Parapak said on his official statement on Friday.

These scholarship grantees have now become professional teachers in Papua, Ambon, Rote, Sangir, Toraja and Nias to improve the education quality in the underdeveloped regions. On their 26th anniversary, UPH decided to help more students across the archipelago. Thanks to the partnership with BSMH and First Media, the university can award more students and offer even more study program choices.

"UPH fully supports the government's program to create quality higher education for those even in the most remote areas," Parapak said.


Link Net's chief executive Marlo Budiman said that the support is part of the company's sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in the education sector. He hoped that students can pursue higher education that suits their passion at a reputable university.  

First Media also offers a scholarship with a quota of 500 grantees for its loyal customers. The grantee must be listed under the same family card (KK) of a First Media subscriber. They must also remain subscribed throughout the scholarship program.

Subscribers can redeem the code on their MyFirstMedia app and insert the code when applying for the scholarship. More information on the First Media scholarship can be accessed on the official website.

According to BSMH chief executive Nicky Hogan, the scholarship program aligns with their mission to build and educate the nation.

"Our TV, print, and online media fully support to help grantee candidates become the nation's pillar and achieve their dreams," Nicky said. 

Candidates can select one of the 34 study programs under the seven available departments -- business integration, hospitality and tourism industry, social and education, built environment, solution technology, health sciences and creative industries.

Candidates signing up during the Super Early Bird period (Aug. 14 to Nov. 23, 2020) have a higher chance of getting the scholarship.

For more information on the terms and conditions and registration, visit the official website.