The Green Team of the US Consulate General in Surabaya visits Samtaku, ‘My Waste, My Responsibility’, integrated waste management site in Lamongan, East Java, on Aug. 16, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of Danone-Aqua Indonesia)

US Consulate in Surabaya Green Team Eyes Samtaku Waste System

AUGUST 18, 2022

Jakarta. The Green Team of the US Consulate General in Surabaya on Tuesday took a tour around Samtaku, ‘My Waste, My Responsibility’, an integrated waste management site in Lamongan, East Java, according to a recent press release.

During this visit, the US Green Team wished to learn more about how Lamongan manages its waste and replicate the district’s waste management system in Surabaya. 

“[The purpose of] our visit to Lamongan is to take a look at Samtaku’s system or perhaps there will be ideas that we can bring to Surabaya. How the system works, and perhaps [the facility] may not be as big as Samtaku’s or smaller,” Clint Shoemake, the deputy for the political and economic officer at the US Consulate General, said in a statement

Shoemake said, “this morning, the Green Team and I came here. It was a pleasure to meet with the district chief, as well as the Reciki and Danone team, and friends.”


According to the press statement, Samtaku Lamongan has helped reduce 70 percent of waste, leaving only residues. Lamongan District Chief Yuhronur Efendi said that Samtaku was more than a waste processing site.

“We began operating [Samtaku] in 2020. Since the beginning, we are not only managing and sorting waste bBut we are also educating the community and students on how to manage waste,” Yuhronur said.

Aside from Samtaku, Lamongan has more than 900 waste banks spread across the district. The district head added that Samtaku was capable of reducing 60 tons of waste a day. 

For this reason, the Lamongan district government plans to replicate the Samtaku integrated waste management system in Babat and Paciran subdistricts. The government will also continue to come up with innovations to grow the Samtaku system. Yuhronur said, “starting next year, we will also develop [reuse derived fuel] in Samtaku which can be used to replace coal.”

Yuhronur also revealed the challenges that Samtaku faced so far.

 “The challenges revolve around the infrastructure of carrying the waste from the community [to Samtaku]. As well as the public awareness to not throw garbage on the roadside or river,” Yuhronur said while adding that the government would continue to educate the public on waste management.

Samtaku is a collaborative effort between Lamongan district government, waste management company Reciki Solusi Indonesia, bottled water company Danone-Aqua Indonesia, and philanthropic organization Dompet Dhuafa.