The Ulugh Beg Madrasa in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (

Vaccinated Foreign Tourists Can Enter Uzbekistan Without PCR


MARCH 20, 2022

Jakarta. Uzbekistan recently announced that vaccinated foreign tourists could now enter the country without the need to show a negative PCR test result.

“With passports/vaccination certificates for coronavirus infection, all persons without PCR tests are allowed to enter,” the Uzbek Tourism and Cultural Heritage Ministry wrote on its official website earlier this week.


The new travel rules came into force on March 16. Uzbekistan has relaxed its travel restrictions to restore international tourist flows. 

Without vaccination certificates, travelers must present a negative PCR test (with an electric QR code) taken within 72 hours before arrival. Otherwise, they must pass express tests when crossing the border or upon arrival in Uzbekistan. 

Also, Uzbekistan has lifted all restrictions at the ground checkpoints on its borders with Kazakhstan for the passage of its citizens. The Uzbek government also announced the cancellation of temporary restrictions at the ground checkpoints on the Uzbekistan-Tajikistan border.

The Uzbek Tourism Ministry said measures were being taken to reopen all border checkpoints.

“Also, the functioning of the system for issuing electronic visas (E-VISA) for foreign citizens is resumed,” the ministry added.

The Uzbek government is also providing a call center for foreign tourists.