Kalibrr Indonesia has found that many jobseekers are not getting callbacks from recruiters due to incomplete curricula vitae.

Why Your CV Is Not Getting You That Callback

FEBRUARY 28, 2019

Jakarta. According to data released by the Cabinet Secretariat, more than half of Indonesia's population of 264 million, is currently at a productive age. On the other hand, data the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education released last year shows that 9 percent of the country's unemployed are college graduates. So why then, do so many younger Indonesians have trouble finding the right career?

A factor that contributes to the high unemployment number stems from jobseekers themselves. Kalibrr Indonesia, an information technology recruitment firm, found that many jobseekers are not getting callbacks from recruiters due to incomplete curricula vitae. Jobseekers are not showing their full potential.

Kalibrr compared about 200 CVs that received callbacks for interviews with an equal number that were rejected by two companies or more.

For CVs to be considered 100 percent complete, they should list applicants' full names, a brief description of themselves, their hometown, their contact details, previous work experiences, listing the names of the companies, their job responsibilities in those companies, educational background and skills, in addition to projects and achievements relevant to the company they are applying to.

A Complete CV Means Potential for a Callback

Data collected and analyzed by Kalibrr Indonesia showed a correlation between a CV's completeness and the potential for an interview callback. Profiles that passed to the interview phase were on average 74 percent complete. Meanwhile, candidates that were rejected were found to have a 52 percent completion on their profiles on average – mostly only listing their names, job experiences and educational backgrounds.

An aspect frequently sought by recruiters is, of course, the skills of the candidates. Of the 45 percent that received a call for an interview included information about their skills and competencies.

The summary profile is also an important piece of information that recruiters look for. One in every three candidates called for interviews included a summary profile in their application.

To the recruiter, the summary profile essentially amounts to a first impression. Which is why it is so important. The summary profile is also where the jobseeker can show his or her personality, and maybe stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The Kalibrr Online Assessment

Kalibrr also found that an online assessment test could exponentially increase the chances for jobseekers to land that coveted interview.

By taking the online assessment test, jobseekers could show their skills to the recruiting company almost immediately. If the candidate has what it takes, it could make the difference and help them stand out from the other candidates.

There is a strong link between the completeness of a candidate's CV, and the potential for an interview callback by the recruiter. Therefore, Kalibrr urges jobseekers to make their CV as complete as possible to show companies their full potential.

Kalibrr Indonesia, founded in 2016, focuses on Southeast Asia and its workforce, and combines an artificial intelligence-based recruiting platform with employer branding to help companies show their values, attract the right candidates, create a positive candidate experience and ensure a smooth recruitment process.