Executives Global Network (EGN) holds a peer group session in Singapore. (Photo Courtesy of EGN)

World's Second-Largest Peer Network EGN Comes to Indonesia

MARCH 16, 2022

Jakarta. Executives Global Network or EGN, the world’s second-largest peer network for executives, has recently expanded to Indonesia to help execs in the archipelago navigate and overcome business challenges, according to a press statement.

From SMEs to digital transformation related topics, staying up-to-date on the latest business trends have become imperative for business leaders. Top management must also now find ways to address the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings, and even turn the crisis into an opportunity. 


They can try learning the best practices and seek opinions from fellow senior executives. But it is not always easy for these executives to find a sparring partner whom they can level with. And this drives the need for a trusted space where people in top positions can exchange their insight comfortably.

A peer network offers a trusted forum for senior executives of similar levels to discuss together possible solutions to tackle business challenges. Members can learn the best practices from one another and gain new perspectives in a confidential environment. The camaraderie that comes with such a peer network may also help lessen the executive loneliness that many leaders experience.

A confidential platform for senior executives to exchange knowledge is what the EGN is trying to offer.

“EGN provides business leaders with access to a trusted forum, where members help each other to face challenges, solve problems and identify opportunities,” Dona Amelia, the co-founder and managing director at EGN Indonesia, said in a recent press statement. 

To date, EGN represents more than 8,000 companies and 70 professions from 14 countries. Last year, EGN opened up its Indonesian office, and will soon hold its first peer group session. 

EGN said that it is the first ever peer network of its kind to launch in Indonesia.

According to Dona, EGN Indonesia will kick off its first peer group session for Executive Leadership on May 24 and Business Owner/SME on May 25 at Fairmont Hotel, Senayan. 

She added, “these first sessions are by invitation only for the current existing members plus we now welcome new members' applications.”

Every year, EGN holds six in-person peer group meetings, 12 in-person cross-functional events, 24 virtual cross-functional meetings, and four networking events. EGN’s networking consultants assemble each peer group by matching the members’ level and professional discipline.

“We do not allow selling activities in any of our sessions. It is purely knowledge sharing and collaborating. However, due to the trust amongst our members, business may happen between them as appropriate,” Dona said.

EGN offers the Members’ Universe, an online community where more than 14,000 members from across the globe gather. 

The Members’ Universe features a global query function, in-app messaging, virtual EGN groups, regional events and global webinars, valuable learning tools, articles, member best practices and more.