Y20 fourth pre-summit press conference in Manokwari on May 31, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of Y20 Indonesia)

Y20 Forum on Diversity and Inclusion to Take Place in Manokwari

JUNE 02, 2022

Jakarta. Manokwari, the capital of West Papua, will host the Youth 20 or Y20's fourth pre-summit, which will revolve around diversity and inclusion.

This youth forum is scheduled for June 18-19.

The West Papua provincial government has expressed its readiness to host the youth forum. Hans L Mandacan, the head of the Youth and Sport Agency at West Papua, said preparations by the regional committee were already 90-percent complete. To date, delegates from 15 countries have confirmed attendance.

"The theme is diversity and inclusion. The foreign participants are very excited [to go to this forum], especially since West Papua has the highest religious tolerance index in Indonesia," Hans said in a press statement on Tuesday.


Y20 Indonesia's previous pre-summits addressed the priority areas of youth employment, digital transformation, and a sustainable and livable planet. These were all legacy issues at the Y20. For the first time, Y20 Indonesia brings the issue of diversity and inclusion to the G20 youth discussions.

"Inequality affects all walks of life and is particularly detrimental to vulnerable groups, often young people. That is why we want youth to discuss diversity and inclusion while also coming up with solutions to tackle inequality, empower the vulnerable and marginalized, and enable sustainable growth," Y20 Indonesia 2022 co-chair Michael Sianipar said.

"Just like our motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika [unity in diversity], we want to show the world that our diversity is not a hurdle for us to unite," Michael said.

Youth delegates and experts from various countries will partake in the Y20 pre-summit in Manokwari. The forum will see participation from foreign embassy representatives in Indonesia. Attendees will explore two subthemes: inclusive education and youth's role in the creative economy. The pre-summit will include talk shows to give attendees a better understanding of the topic.

The youth's participation will help shape the communiqué, a list of policy recommendations that the Y20 will present to the G20 leaders. Fifty selected Papuan youths will also get to discuss and voice their aspirations to the G20 leaders.

The priority area on diversity and inclusion aligns with the Indonesian G20 presidency's theme of "Recover Together, Recover Stronger". Youth's contribution to encouraging a recovery that is inclusive and embraces diversity is crucial.

The forum in Manokwari will be the curtain-raiser to the Y20 summit, which will take place in Jakarta and Bandung next month. 

Palembang hosted the first Y20 Indonesia pre-summit in March, followed by the second presummit in Lombok a month later. Balikpapan was the host city for the Y20 Indonesia third pre-summit last month.