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ASEAN Taxonomy Expected to Attract Coal Phase-Out Financing

According to the second version of the ASEAN Taxonomy, coal phase-outs may be classified as green or amber activities.
News 6 Hour ago

Regional Payment Connectivity Must Not Stop at ASEAN-5: Indonesia

ASEAN chair Indonesia wants the regional payment connectivity to also include other members of the Southeast Asian bloc.
Business 28 Mar 2023 | 20:24 WIB

ASEAN Bigger Contributor to Global Economy Than EU: Official

The combined gross domestic product (GDP) of all 10 ASEAN member states reaches $3 trillion, according to the Indonesian government.
Business 24 Mar 2023 | 17:00 WIB

ASEAN Chair Indonesia Pushes Closer Engagement with Pacific Nations

Indonesia seeks to establish a secretariat-to-secretariat cooperation between ASEAN and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).
News 22 Mar 2023 | 19:02 WIB

Cambodian Trade Minister Expects Bilateral Trade with Indonesia to Top $1b

Cambodia is currently working on providing direct commercial flights with Indonesia to boost trade and investment.
Business 21 Mar 2023 | 23:26 WIB

ASEAN-6’s Nominal GDP to Top $4 Trillion by 2025: Study

The ASEAN-6 encompasses the bloc’s chair Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Business 20 Mar 2023 | 13:08 WIB

Blueprint for Next Era of ASEAN-Japan Economic Ties in the Works

Japan wants ASEAN to co-create a vision that sets the direction of their economic partnership for the next decades.
News 17 Mar 2023 | 18:38 WIB

The Potential is There for BIMP-EAGA’s Maritime Logistics

The BIMP-EAGA encompasses the less developed areas within ASEAN member states Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines.
Business 23 Feb 2023 | 10:50 WIB

Indonesia Tells Beijing It Wants Actionable Code on South China Sea

Indonesia and ASEAN wish to produce an effective, substantive, and actionable code of conduct on the South China Sea.
News 22 Feb 2023 | 18:09 WIB

ASEAN’s Natural Gas Demand to More Than Double in 2050

ASEAN will more than double its natural gas demand to 350 billion cubic meters (bcm) by 2050 as the region shifts away from coal.
News 21 Feb 2023 | 18:56 WIB

Poland to Share EU Integration Experience as ASEAN Welcomes Timor Leste

Poland is keen on sharing with ASEAN its experience of joining the EU, as the Southeast Asian regional bloc prepares to welcome Timor Leste.
News 16 Feb 2023 | 22:21 WIB

ASEAN Seeks Single Window Expansion with Japan for Greater Trade

Under this economic platform, member states can enjoy faster customs clearance and less paperwork. 
Business 13 Feb 2023 | 16:04 WIB

Police to Work with ASEAN Countries to Catch Graft Fugitives

The National Police is working on a "police-to-police" scheme with several ASEAN countries to hunt down Indonesia's graft fugitives.
News 8 Feb 2023 | 15:33 WIB

ASEAN Countries in Talks for Regional EV Ecosystem

Under its chairmanship, Indonesia will try to push for a ASEAN EV ecosystem in a bid to turn the region into an epicentrum of growth.
Business 6 Feb 2023 | 20:59 WIB

ASEAN to Step Up Talks on South China Sea’s Code of Conduct

Indonesia is ready to host more negotiations on the code of conduct, with the first series of talks slated for next month.
News 4 Feb 2023 | 18:09 WIB

Timor Leste Makes its ASEAN Meeting Debut

Timor Leste admits that while the country’s ASEAN journey is a challenging one, it is “not an impossible mission”.
News 3 Feb 2023 | 18:49 WIB

ASEAN Council Meeting Kicks Off without Myanmar

The 32nd ASEAN Coordinating Council Meeting is now in motion at its secretariat in Jakarta with no representative from Myanmar in sight.
News 3 Feb 2023 | 15:46 WIB

Myanmar "Non-Political" Rep Gets Invite to Upcoming ASEAN Meetup

It is up to Myanmar to send a non-political figure to the meeting — although the country has always declined the offer in the past.
News 1 Feb 2023 | 19:58 WIB

ASEAN Must Not be Controlled by Proxy Actors: Jokowi

The president said that ASEAN is actively pursuing “equal partnership” with major powers or other regional blocs.
News 31 Jan 2023 | 22:07 WIB

ASEAN BAC Chair Indonesia to Work on Regional QR Code Payment

The ASEAN Business Advisory Council, or ASEAN BAC, is planning to work on integrating their respective countries' QR code payment systems.
Business 31 Jan 2023 | 08:15 WIB