Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Eight Die in Vehicle Pile-Up in Boyolali

The accident began when a truck carrying steel iron bars slammed into a passenger car allegedly because of overloading and brake failure.
News Apr 14, 2023 | 3:58 pm

Pertamina Oil Tanker Catches Fire, Three Crew Members Missing

The tanker carries 5,900 kiloliters of gasoline and 17 crew members off West Nusa Tenggara.
News Mar 26, 2023 | 8:59 pm

Erick Orders Buffer Zone Creation around Oil Depots After Deadly Fire

Erick instructed oil company Pertamina to launch a safety audit on all its refineries located in the middle of residential areas.
News Mar 5, 2023 | 10:30 am

Pertamina Oil Depot Fire Kills 17 in North Jakarta

The depot was surrounded by residential areas in the densely-populated area of Koja.
News Mar 3, 2023 | 11:03 pm

Disaster-Prone Indonesia Calls for Quake-Proof Buildings: Jokowi

Indonesia scored 41.46 on the 2022 World Risk Index, just behind The Philippines (46.82) and India (42.31).
News Mar 2, 2023 | 12:57 pm

Four Die in Huge Firework Explosion in East Java

First responders said they found body parts on house roofs and trees meters away from the source of the explosion.
News Feb 20, 2023 | 4:48 pm

Turkiye Quake: Two Indonesians Killed, One Still Missing

The Indonesian spa therapist in Diyarbakir is still missing to this day.
News Feb 10, 2023 | 4:39 pm

At Least Four Die in Jayapura Earthquake

A municipal hospital in the city moved around 300 patients to the open space during the tremor, which caused the building to crack.
News Feb 9, 2023 | 11:50 pm

Turkiye Quake: Ten Indonesians Wounded, Food Aid En Route to Gaziantep

The Indonesian embassy will evacuate six of the injured citizens to the Turkish capital Ankara.
News Feb 7, 2023 | 4:24 pm

President Jokowi Expresses Condolences as Turkiye Earthquake Death Toll Passes 3,700

There are currently 6,500 Indonesians living in Turkiye, 500 of which were residing in the earthquake-affected areas.
News Feb 7, 2023 | 7:00 am

Three Indonesians Injured as 7.4-Magnitude Quake Jolts Turkiye

The embassy also reported that there were 6,500 Indonesians currently living in Turkey.
News Feb 6, 2023 | 4:10 pm

Couple Rescued after Car Plunges into Sea in Merak

Rescue workers had to break the rear glass window of the half-submerged car to rescue a female passenger.
News Dec 24, 2022 | 6:55 am

High-Speed Train Project Suspended after Deadly Accident

The accident kills two Chinese nationals and injured at least five other workers.
News Dec 19, 2022 | 7:31 pm

Mt. Semeru Spews Hot Ashes 13 Kilometers into Sky

The eruption occurred on the first anniversary of the previous one that killed more than 50 people.
News Dec 4, 2022 | 7:13 pm

Body of Copilot in Police Helicopter Crash Found

The helicopter was carrying four policemen on a flight to Jakarta when it crashed amid bad weather off Bangka-Belitung province on Monday.
News Nov 29, 2022 | 4:18 pm

Tragic Loss of 21 Young Students at Cianjur Elementary School

A mass burial was later arranged for the ill-fated students on a parcel of donated land near the school.
News Nov 23, 2022 | 1:10 am

Government Says 268 Die in West Java Earthquake 

The 5.6-magnitude quake also displaced more than 58,000 people and destroyed over 22,000 homes in the district.
News Nov 22, 2022 | 11:25 pm

President Pledges Financial Aid to Build Quake-Resistant Homes in Cianjur

Each household will receive between Rp 10 million and Rp 50 million ($3,187) depending on the severity of the damages.
News Nov 22, 2022 | 3:40 pm

Death Toll in West Java Earthquake Jumps to 162 of Mostly Children: Governor

The death toll may increase because many people remain unaccounted for and possibly still trapped under the debris.
News Nov 22, 2022 | 12:51 am

At Least 56 Die in West Java Earthquake

The death toll includes 40 children who became the majority of casualties from collapsing buildings.
News Nov 21, 2022 | 6:34 pm