Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Renewables Bill Approval Slated for September: Gov't

The bill has 574 of the so-called “inventory of issues” which lists the matters that would to be discussed by the House.
Business Feb 14, 2023 | 9:19 pm

Indonesia, Sun Cable Join Hands to Unlock $115b Green Industry Potential

Both parties are committing to inter-island grid connectivity policy and technical program development. 
Business Nov 16, 2022 | 9:30 am

The Role of Gas in Indonesia’s Net-Zero Journey

As the largest economy and regional emitter, Indonesia will be critical in steering Southeast Asia's energy future.
Opinion Nov 9, 2022 | 2:03 pm

Presidential Decree on Coal Phase-out Comes Together with EV Mandate

According to the decree, coal-burning power plants should no longer exist by 2050.
Business Sep 15, 2022 | 11:26 am

Luhut Makes Push for Gasoline Car Restrictions 

Luhut said the average fuel consumption reaches 1,500 liters for a car and 305 liters for a motorcycle a year.
Business Sep 11, 2022 | 11:41 pm

Pertamina Trials Fuel Restrictions at Gas Stations

The sale of subsidized gasoline product Pertalite is limited to 120 liters per vehicle per day.
Business Sep 10, 2022 | 12:49 pm

Fuel Subsidy Could Explode Beyond Gov’t Ability

The government has spent Rp 116 trillion [$7.9 billion] in energy subsidies during the first seven months of the year.
Business Aug 11, 2022 | 3:15 am

Pertamina Retains Gasoline Price below 55 Cents a Liter

The price of 90 octane gasoline Pertalite has remained unchanged since January 2019. 
Business Mar 9, 2022 | 2:54 am

New System Helps Gov’t Keep Close Eye on Mineral, Coal Producers

The Simbara app records all coal and minerals management processes, starting from the upstream to downstream.
Business Mar 8, 2022 | 9:57 pm

Palm Oil Offers Solution to Global Energy Crisis: Gapki

Gapki expects the demand for palm oil will increase especially amid the global energy crisis.
Business Dec 1, 2021 | 2:08 pm

Pertamina Sucessfully Tests Aviation Biofuel in Short Flight

It was the first time that Bioavtur or J2.4 is used to power aircraft engines in an actual flight.
Business Oct 6, 2021 | 4:36 pm

Asean Aims for 23 Pct Renewables in Energy Mix by 2025

Asean hopes to achieve energy security, accessibility, affordability, and sustainability for all member states.
News Aug 20, 2021 | 9:18 am

Indonesia Begins Construction of SE Asia's Largest Solar Power Plant

Solar is now the cheapest renewable energy source but with massively untapped potential in the archipelago.
Business Aug 4, 2021 | 11:44 pm

PLN to Gradually Retire Coal-Fired Power Plants

PLN ensures there will be no new contracts for steam power plants starting 2022.
Business Jul 14, 2021 | 8:35 pm

Biogas as LPG Alternative Can Be a Solution to Organic Waste: Think-Tank

According to PYC, biogas as an LPG alternative can promote energy security and help Indonesia overcome their organic waste problem.
Business Jan 14, 2021 | 6:04 pm

Jakpro to Build $400m Waste-to-Energy Plant in East Jakarta

The plant will have a capacity of up to 2,300 tons of waste per day to generate up to 40,000 megawatts of electrical energy.
Business Dec 29, 2020 | 9:53 pm

[Re]Energize Indonesia Hackathon Searches for Renewable Energy Solutions

The online registration for [Re]energize Indonesia is open from Sep. 24 to Oct. 10.
Special Updates Sep 27, 2020 | 8:05 am

Pertamina Guarantees Fuel and Gas Supply During Covid-19 Outbreak

Pertamina urges people to remain calm and buy fuel and LPG according to their needs. All gas stations will continue to operate regularly.
Business Mar 16, 2020 | 3:31 pm

More Than Dams Needed to Prevent Floods

River normalization has not been enough to prevent floods in Jakarta.
News Feb 24, 2020 | 5:46 pm

Eight Major Water Dams to Be Completed in 2020

The Public Works and Housing Ministry will complete eight dams in 2020 as part of the National Strategic Program.
News Feb 20, 2020 | 4:39 pm