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Jokowi Picks Navy Chief Yudo Margono as New TNI Commander

If approved by the House of Representatives, Yudo will become the first Navy chief to lead the TNI since August 2013.
News 28 Nov 2022 | 17:06 WIB

Ganjar’s Support Jumps by 10 Points in 20 Months

In a hypothetical race of three eligible front-runners, Ganjar also leads comfortably over Prabowo and Anies.
News 27 Nov 2022 | 21:20 WIB

Endorsing Ganjar? Jokowi Promotes ‘White-Haired Leader’ in Front of Supporters

The president has remained tight-lipped about who he will support as a potential successor but Ganjar could be a very good bet.
News 26 Nov 2022 | 13:43 WIB

Military Chief Andika Perkasa Set to Retire Next Month

Andika will reach the retirement age of 58 on December 21, or 13 months after he was installed as the country’s military chief.
News 23 Nov 2022 | 13:30 WIB

Jokowi, Ganjar Make Frequent Public Appearances

It’s their third appearance in recent days despite Jokowi’s very tight schedule which required him to travel to Bali and Bangkok.
News 21 Nov 2022 | 11:33 WIB

Haedar Nashir Reelected as Muhammadiyah Chairman

He received 2,203 votes, only 44 more from Abdul Mu’ti who was appointed as the secretary-general, in an election involving 13 candidates.
News 20 Nov 2022 | 14:59 WIB

Watch: Ganjar Steals the Show at Muhammadiyah Conference

Ganjar, a politician of the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), revealed his presidential aspiration last month.
News 20 Nov 2022 | 11:51 WIB

Indonesia Adds Four New Provinces to 38 Overall

Southwest Papua becomes the sixth province to be established in the Indonesian territory of the world's second-largest island.
News 17 Nov 2022 | 23:46 WIB

B-Universe Signs Partnership Deal with KPU for Election Coverage

Indonesians will vote in the presidential and legislative elections in February 2024, followed by regional elections in November 2024.
News 10 Nov 2022 | 18:48 WIB

Jokowi Apologizes to Prabowo for Defeating Him Twice

But the president was quick to console his former political opponent: “Maybe your turn comes after this.”
News 7 Nov 2022 | 19:21 WIB

Sandiaga Open to Possibility of Becoming Prabowo’s Running Mate Again

Prabowo has cleared the way to get a nomination for the 2024 presidential election but he has yet to name a running mate.
News 4 Nov 2022 | 20:16 WIB

Nasdem Voters Prefer Ganjar than Anies: Survey

However, Anies enjoys the most enormous surge in popularity from 12.6 percent to 16.5 percent, according to the Kompas survey.
News 27 Okt 2022 | 18:07 WIB

Ganjar in Comfortable Lead over Prabowo, Anies: Poll

Ganjar’s popularity has been skyrocketing since May of last year when the PDI-P politician received 25.5 percent of votes.
News 23 Okt 2022 | 16:08 WIB

Jokowi Tells Golkar not to Recklessly Pick Presidential Nominee

Golkar has secured a ticket for the 2024 presidential election after establishing a coalition with the PAN and the PPP.
News 21 Okt 2022 | 23:54 WIB

Anies Baswedan Not Invited to Golkar Birthday Party

Golkar Chairman Airlangga Hartarto said invitations are limited to party leaders.
News 21 Okt 2022 | 16:11 WIB

Ganjar Pranowo Ready to Run for President

Central Governor Ganjar Pranowo has his eyes on running for the presidential race in 2024.
News 19 Okt 2022 | 09:04 WIB

Anies Baswedan Bids Farewell to Jakarta as He Prepares for Bigger Prize

Anies told his supporters to continue standing behind him for the 2024 presidential election in which he has been nominated by Nasdem party.
News 16 Okt 2022 | 19:38 WIB

East Java Police Chief Removed after Worst Football Tragedy

The police headquarters denies that the firing of tear gas was the leading cause of the massive death toll.
News 10 Okt 2022 | 23:44 WIB

Jokowi Extends Yogyakarta Sultan’s Gubernatorial Term

The latest law on Yogyakarta’s special autonomy status issued in 2012 stipulates that the governor post is reserved to the Sultan.
News 10 Okt 2022 | 15:51 WIB

PDI-P Still in Dark about 2024 Presidential Election

Megawati has said it’s likely that both the presidential candidate and the running mate will come from her party.
News 9 Okt 2022 | 22:43 WIB