(Photo courtesy of Cerdas Digital Nusantara)

Cakap Introduces New Initiative to Enhance Teacher's Learning


AUGUST 20, 2021

Jakarta. Cerdas Digital Nusantara, the company behind the online learning platform Cakap, launched a new initiative designed specifically to empower teachers across Indonesia early this month. 

The Cakap Teacher Academy initiative aims to empower teachers in communicative teaching techniques and technological utilization through training, certification, self-development, and employment.

Cakap CEO and Co-Founder Tomy Yunus said foreign language proficiency was key in achieving global citizenship and adapting to the evolving digital world.

“We believe that the principle of improving education in Indonesia must be carried out as a whole, not only for students but also teachers as well.

“Today, Cakap presents the Cakap Teacher Academy as a solution to accelerate English teachers’ competency in digital learning,” he said at the program launch on August 12. 

The program has now connected more than 1 million students plus over 1 thousand, both local and international teachers from a diversity of backgrounds.

Kitong Bisa Foundation CEO Billy Mambrasar said the program was great news for Indonesia as it enabled teachers to enhance their digital teaching skills.

“Indonesia is currently facing several challenges in the educational system, including the teacher supply as well as the digital learning adaptation and transition," he said.

“This is backed up by the statistics that show that from 2019 until 2020, Indonesia has had 2.7 million teachers, a number that is far from the number of Indonesian students, which is 45.5 million,” Billy said. 

The Cakap program also aimed to increase Indonesia’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) score in 2024.

Journalist and foreign language enthusiast Marissa Anita said the program would hopefully help improve the quality of teachers throughout Indonesia equally.

“This is a task for many parties, but I am happy to hear that Cakap is a part of this good and noble movement, "Marissa said. "When our young generation learns from quality teachers, the younger generation will become quality individuals too, making wise decisions that have a good impact on themselves and those around them.”

The Cakap Teacher Academy’s recruitment has begun on Aug. 17 to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day.