Daihatsu introduces small-sized SUV Rocky at the Indonesia International Auto Show in Tangerang on November 11, 2021. (JG Photo/Heru Andriyanto)

Daihatsu Recalls 21,000 Cars Including Rocky Model in Indonesia


MARCH 11, 2022

Jakarta. Japanese automaker Daihatsu Motor is recalling around 21,000 vehicles including its latest mini SUV model due to minor mechanical and electric issues, the company’s Indonesian unit said on Friday.

The recall affects 9,378 Rocky mini sport utility vehicles and 11,734 GranMax and Lucio minivans.


Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) told Rocky owners in Indonesia that the model needs “additional welding points” on the platform that supports the front shock absorbers. The affected units are those produced between April 28 and October 7, 2021, meaning that practically all Rockys currently in the customers’ hands need to undergo minor repair. 

Rocky was introduced here in June of last year and has since contributed to just below 5 percent of ADM overall sales.

The recall was made after an owner reported unusual noise when the front wheels hit potholes at a high speed. An internal investigation found a precision issue in the welding points that could potentially cause the front shock absorber support to break away.

“Although we received only a single complaint about this matter, we are recalling the model to add 11 more welding points on the front shock absorber platform to ensure the quality of the product,” Bambang Supriyadi, the coordinator of ADM Technical Service Division, told a news conference in Jakarta.

Customers will have to wait at least 10 hours until welding works are completed.

Daihatsu Rocky (Astra Daihatsu Motor)
Daihatsu Rocky (Astra Daihatsu Motor)

ADM also will recall long-time GranMax and Luxio models produced between September 9, 2021, and January 21, 2022, due to problems with the engine control unit. 

Owners of the two models have reported fluctuating RPM, engine knocking, and sometimes engine failure.

ADM has confirmed those problems came from the ECU and needed replacement with the upgraded version that will take no more than 15 minutes.

“All the repair services and related components are free of charge. We have 162 workshops across Indonesia ready to do that,” Bambang said.

Daihatsu Luxio (Astra Daihatsu Motor)
Daihatsu Luxio (Astra Daihatsu Motor)