WIR Group chairman Daniel Surya delivers the opening speech in the 2019 Disrupto Festival in Jakarta on Friday. (JG Photo/Diana Mariska)

Disrupto Festival Calls for Tech Firms to Contribute to Inclusive Economy


NOVEMBER 23, 2019

Jakarta. A technology festival kicked off in Jakarta this week to encourage tech companies to get involved in the national efforts to build a more inclusive economy.

Opened on Friday, the 2019 Disrupto Festival seeks to prove that the rapid technology change and the increasingly digital world can bring equity and spur growth when humanity is put at the center.

Themed “the Future of Humanity”, the festival brings together technology companies, government agencies, regulators and young Indonesians to push forward for a more human approach in technology development.

“We always believe in the future of humanity, and even in the rapid development of technology, humanity should stay steady,” Michael Budi, chief executive of tech-based group of companies, WIR Group, which hosted the event, said in Jakarta on Friday.

WIR Group chairman Daniel Surya said the festival would bring to light the digital technology contribution to a more inclusive economy in various sectors.

“It all started with e-commerce and then e-payment. The birth of ride-hailing companies also changed the logistic sector,” Daniel said. 

“They will be followed by the artificial intelligence technology when the foundation is in place.”

The festival puts a chronological order of rapid technology changes to help Indonesian tech companies and regulators stay in front and better prepare for what will come next, rather than to avoid them, he said.

Running until Sunday, Disrupto 2019 also arranges business matchmaking between tech companies and investors  for potential partnership. 

Daniel said most new tech startups had ended prematurely without support from bigger companies and investors. 

The event was opened by a speech from Yenny Wahid, daughter of late former president Abdurrahman Wahid. His father was presented on stage using augmented reality technology. 

According to the company’s website, the Disrupto Festival was meant for those “who believe that small stones can defeat giants” and the forces of disruption are inevitable and necessary for societies to move forward.