The launch of Facebook's Asah Digital campaign in Jakarta on Wednesday was attended by Communication and Information Technology Minister Johnny G. Plate. (JG Photo/Diana Mariska)

Facebook Launches Digital Literacy Campaign to Fight Internet Misinformation


NOVEMBER 20, 2019

Jakarta. Facebook has launched a new digital literacy campaign in Indonesia called Asah Digital, targeting students, parents and teachers. The social media giant is working with local partners to organize a series of events for the campaign to be rolled out in 2020.

"We're working with strategic partners to make sure the campaign reaches our targets – students, parents and teachers," Ruben Hattari, Facebook Indonesia's public policy head, said on Wednesday.

"We work with them to formulate training modules that are relevant for Indonesians. So far, we have seven modules, which teach very basic knowledge about the internet to more advanced materials such as personal data protection and combating misinformation and hoax," he said during the Asah Digital launch in Jakarta.

One of Facebook's collaborators is its long-time partner Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB).

YCAB chairman M. Arsjad Rasjid said Facebook and the foundation are devising the most effective way for the campaign to promote digital literacy among students.

Facebook also works with SiBerkreasi, a movement supported by 103 communities, institutions and organizations that focuses on tackling the spread of negative content online. 

"Everyone can fall victim to misinformation on the internet. For example, during the election campaign earlier this year social media was awash with hate speech, hoaxes and fake news," SiBerkreasi chairman Yosi Mokalu said.

Facebook is also working with the three million-strong Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), who has members all across Indonesia, to provide training for teachers. 

"We've set up an e-learning and character center facility in PGRI offices, where we'll hold a weekly training session for teachers," PGRI chairwoman Unifah Rosyidi said. 

"We will incorporate materials from the modules in the training," Ruben said, adding that Asah Digital will pick up where previous Facebook digital literacy campaigns left off.

"We've been focusing on improving digital literacy in Indonesia in the past four years. In the first two years, we focused on encouraging students to think critically. In the third and fourth years, we targeted teachers and parents with our Think Before You Share campaign," Ruben said.