Facebook has made changes to its security settings display to make it simpler for users to adjust. (JG Photo/Dion Bisara)

Facebook to Open Pop-Up Cafe in Jakarta


SEPTEMBER 03, 2019

Jakarta. Facebook Indonesia is set to open The Facebook Café, a pop-up cafe at Filosofi Kopi in Blok M, South Jakarta, on Sept. 13-15, as part of the social media giant's campaign to raise awareness of data privacy and security. 

When you visit the pop-up cafe, you will be taken through a "privacy checkup" to learn more about the security features on Facebook and other social media and text-messaging platforms that it owns, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

You will be able to learn about who could gain access to your personal information and content and which sites are connected to your Facebook account.

"Personal data protection is Facebook's main concern," Facebook Indonesia said in a release on Tuesday.

Recently Facebook has made changes to its security settings display to make it simpler for users to adjust.

Instagram has also made several changes to its privacy settings and security personalization.

Last year, the story broke that Facebook had allowed private information from more than 80 million accounts on its platform to be extracted by Cambridge Analytica, who used the data allegedly to garner support for United States President Donald Trump. 

Since then, governments around the world have been scrutinizing the way Facebook manages their users' data. 

Celebrities and entrepreneurs, including Cher and Elon Musk, have led the call for people to delete their Facebook account.

Facebook has responded by reassuring users they can customize the privacy settings on the platform to protect their data.