Huawei Asean Academy Engineering Institute in Jakarta. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

Huawei Pledges to Support Indonesia's 2045 Vision


APRIL 22, 2021

Jakarta. Huawei Indonesia —the local arm of Chinese tech behemoth Huawei— pledged to build ICT infrastructure and address the digital talent gap to pave the way for Indonesia's ambitious 2045 vision.

Indonesia aims to become among the world's top five economic powerhouses by its centenary in 2045. This dream, however, can turn to dust without a robust IT infrastructure and enough digital talents. Many Indonesia's rural areas still lack a reliable internet connectivity. The country would also need to equip 600,000 people with digital skills annually to generate 9 million tech talents by 2035.


Huawei Indonesia vice president Albert Yang said robust digital collaboration is a stepping stone to Indonesia's dream.

"Indonesia's 2045 vision would be realized if every component of the nation were to unite and contribute. [...] Huawei Indonesia has a strong commitment throughout this digital collaboration with the stakeholders," Albert told an online conference on Wednesday.

"We continue to share our knowledge not only to industry players, but all sectors from the government to the community."

According to Huawei Indonesia human capital director Dani K. Ristandi, the also tech giant has laid out a plan to support Indonesia's 2045 vision.

"The first is to build the ICT infrastructure not only for the IT industry, but also other sectors by offering our digital solutions to help them transform digitally, as technologies such as 5G, cloud, internet of things [IoT], machine-learning, big data are becoming more pivotal in today's world," Dani said.

"We are also developing the ICT ecosystem to boost preparedness when adopting the said digital solutions," Dani added.

In nurturing tech-savvy talents, Huawei has rolled out an array of ICT competitions and certified training programs. The Huawei Asean Academy Engineering Institute —which offers over 3,000 courses— has also opened its doors in Jakarta earlier this year. The academy eyes to generate a whopping 100,000 digital talents in Indonesia by 2025.

"In these uncertain times, meeting the demand for skillful talents will become more challenging and this calls for a collaboration between all stakeholders," Dani said.

"And this aligns with Huawei's vision to bring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world."