BSSN protection director Akhmad Toha, Huawei Indonesia chief compliance officer Li Jingcheng, Chief Compliance Officer Huawei Indonesia, Poltek SSN director Nunil Pantjawati, and Poltek SSN deputy director Santi Indarjani at TechDay 2021 on April 12, 2021. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei Indonesia)

Huawei TechDay 2021 Explores E-Govt Security


APRIL 14, 2021

Jakarta. Huawei Indonesia, the local arm of the Chinese tech giant Huawei, recently held the second TechDay 2021— featuring a workshop and webinar on the electronic-based government system, or SPBE, and cybersecurity— in an effort to build a more secure e-government.

The event also discussed the control objectives for information and related technology (Cobit) — a framework on IT governance and practices.


On TechDay 2021, Huawei Indonesia teamed up with the State Cyber and Cryptography Polytechnic (Poltek SSN), a school under the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN). While the webinar was open for public, only Poltek SSN students could attend the workshop.

According to Huawei Indonesia's chief compliance officer Li Jingcheng, TechDay 2021 illustrates the company's efforts to cultivate 100,000 digital talents in Indonesia by 2025, as the country eyes to become among the world's top five largest economies by 2045.

"Together with Poltek SSN, we are sharing our knowledge of the power of the most advanced digital technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, internet of things, and cybersecurity to support a successful e-government characterized by security and innovative service," Jingcheng said in a written statement on Wednesday.

The TechDay followed the 2021 presidential decree on the task force for regional digitalization. This decree puts new fuel to drive digitalization across the government agencies and reiterates the e-governance project on the national priority list.

BSSN deputy of protection Akhmad Toha noted a strong cybersecurity is crucial in SPBE management for a transparent and accountable government system.

“We welcome today’s TechDay webinar as our first step in creating awareness and providing knowledge about technology and cybersecurity among educational institutions and the general public,” Akhmad said.

Poltek SSN director Nunil Pantjawati also echoed the importance of literacy in SPBE. She said Poltek SSN students must have high level of understanding on these topics, as they will be on the frontline guarding Indonesia's e-government and cybersecurity in the future.

“Global ICT expert Huawei plays a strategic role as they support the transfer of knowledge required to make our hopes come true," she said.