Huawei-Telkomsel Summit on Apr. 14, 2021. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

Huawei, Telkomsel Deepen Cooperation in Digital Transformation


MAY 12, 2021

Jakarta. Chinese tech firm Huawei and cellular operator Telkomsel recently held a cloud summit to deepen their cooperation on spurring digital transformation not only for the Telkom Indonesia subsidiary but also for Indonesia.

Held on April 14, the summit discussed initiatives on joint business and network development to drive the Orbit take-up rate. They also agreed to explore experience monetization opportunities and use cases, as well as suggestions for technology leadership.

The summit ended on a high note with the signing of a memorandum of understanding on tech talent development. Huawei pledged to generate 100,000 tech talents to help place Indonesia among the top ten global economies by 2030.

“We would like to express our thanks for Telkomsel’s care and support for Huawei. We hope that through our joint efforts, we can work together to take Telkomsel’s business to new heights in the future,” Huawei Technologies rotating chairman Guo Ping said in a statement on Tuesday.


Telkomsel seeks to maintain its position as a market leader and support the government's vision of making Indonesia the region's largest digital economy. To this end, Telkomsel needs to strengthen digital connectivity, platform, and services, according to Telkomsel president director Setyanto Hantoro.

"Telkomsel wishes to have a more insightful partnership with Huawei to open up more the digitalization of the society and the nation with the goal of making the said vision a reality,” Setyanto said.

Telkom also listed several key areas where they can collaborate on a deeper level with Huawei. For instance, both companies can explore solutions to maximize return on investment for LTE and 5G technology.

"[As well as a] joint collaboration to develop FWA services in Indonesia and joint development of 5G technology and solution for enterprise business,” Wong Soon Nam, Telkomsel chief of planning and transformation officer, said.