Huawei Executive Director and President of ICT Products & Solutions David Wang at the recent Huawei Connect 2021 event. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

Huawei Unveils Innovations to Shape Digital Infrastructure

OCTOBER 06, 2021

Jakarta. Chinese tech firm Huawei recently unveiled seven innovations in an aim to shape digital infrastructure for the next decade, the company announced in a statement. 

“We are dedicated to breakthroughs to serve major application scenarios such as digital offices, smart manufacturing, wide area network (WAN), and data centers, and accelerate the development of the global digital infrastructure,” David Wang, Huawei executive director and president of ICT products & solution, said.

According to Huawei’s Intelligent World 2030 report, global connections will top 200 billion by 2030. Monthly data per cellular user will grow 40 times to 600 gigabytes. Worldwide general computing volume will grow 10 times over. Data generated will increase by 23 times, reaching one yottabyte for the first time.

This calls for a hyper secure, reliable, deterministic digital infrastructure with a more efficient data circulation and computing power.

To this end, Huawei came up with seven innovations, including Huawei’s newest “Office Twins”, the AirEngine 6761 and IdeaHub. 

The AirEngine 6761 is the industry's highest-performance Wi-Fi 6E product. The IdeaHub sports a 6-in-design, which allows it to function as a projector, whiteboard, computer, conference endpoint, speaker, and microphone. Combined, the "Office Twins" can pave way for a seamless collaboration.

With the highly accurate optical sensor OptiXsense EF3000, Huawei seeks to help industries streamline their oil and gas pipeline inspections. Huawei reported that OptiXsense achieved 97 percent accuracy, much higher than the industry average of 60–80 percent.

The tech giant also unveiled the industry's first deterministic IP network solution, which provides an end-to-end guaranteed network performance to support industrial controls. 

Also among Huawei's new innovations is the H-OTN. As well as an IP network solution that enables cross-region computing resource scheduling.

According to Huawei, the H-OTN is the industry's first converged optical device that supports hard pipe technologies, which introduces an innovative point-to-multipoint (P2MP) OTN architecture for access networks.

For the first time, Huawei enables an end-to-end hard pipe, from the access network to WAN, using a redefined product architecture and converged protocols. 

Huawei also rolled out the CC solution that helps customers roll out public platforms that provide a diversified computing power. And last but not least, the OceanStor Pacific — the industry's first distributed storage for HPDA.

"Huawei will remain committed to innovation in digital infrastructure, create value for customers and partners on an ongoing basis, and work relentlessly to build a fully connected, intelligent world," David said.