Yahoo service in Indonesia

Indonesia to Block Yahoo, Amazon for Registration Issue


JULY 29, 2022

Jakarta. The Indonesian government will block access to a number of major websites like search engine Yahoo and trading platform Amazon by midnight for failing to register with local authorities, an official said on Friday.

The Communication and Information Technology Ministry requires major digital platforms, or what they call electronic system providers (PSE) within the private environment to register themselves with the government.


Other major websites like Bing, Dota, Steam, CS Go, Epic Games, Battle.Net, and Origin also risk government block if they fail to register before midnight.

"If they fail to register until 11:59 p.m. today, I need to apologize to the communities because their services won’t be temporarily available nor accessible in Indonesia," Semuel Abrijanikata, the ministry’s director general of applied information technology, told a news conference in Jakarta.

He underlined that access to those websites will be reopened if they complete the registration process.

"So it depends on them. Once they register, we will lift the suspension," he added.

The official said that major platforms like Google and Alibaba have completed the registration in accordance with the existing regulations.

Semuel said close to 9,000 tech companies have registered their platforms with the government while 55 others are under investigation for allegedly providing false information during the application procedures.