National Development Planning Minister Suharso Monoarfa looks at a screen showing President Joko Widodo during a cabinet meeting on videoconference in Jakarta. (Photo courtesy of the National Development Planning Ministry)

Indonesian President Uses Local App for Video Conference


APRIL 21, 2020

Jakarta. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has turned to videoconferencing to lead his cabinet meetings since the coronavirus outbreak began – and definitely since one of his ministers contracted the virus in mid-March – which means he needs a secure platform to discuss key policies and sensitive issues facing the country.

The president has tried various teleconference applications available on the market before deciding on a locally-made platform to ensure security, a top telecommunication executive said on Tuesday.

"Since the work-from-home policy was imposed, we often see President Jokowi and his ministers hold cabinet meetings in virtual conferences. They've tried various products and services, but now the president has set his heart on a secure app from a local operator,"  Setyanto Hantoro, the chief executive of state-owned cellular operator Telkomsel, said in Jakarta.

"Since Monday, the cabinet meetings were being held on Telkomsel's CloudX app," Setyanto said.


The video conference app is designed and run by Indonesian engineers employed by Telkomsel, but in the meantime, the users are limited to corporations and government agencies, he said. 

CloudX hit the ground running with Monday's cabinet meeting which involved the country's top decision-makers speaking from 48 different spots at once. The app came through the test with flying colors, Setyanto said.

"All the participants [of the meeting], from 48 different spots, were able to follow the teleconference seamlessly on a secure line," he said.

CloudX is accessible on smartphones, PC and laptops, but it appears Telkomsel has no immediate plan to offer it to individual subscribers. 

Telkomsel is the country's biggest cellular operator and a subsidiary of telecommunication giant Telkom.