Faris Rahman, left, co-founder and chief technology officer of Nodeflux, and Meidy Fitranto, the company's co-founder and chief executive. (Photo courtesy of Nodeflux)

Indonesian Vision AI Company Nodeflux Features on International Leaderboard


OCTOBER 02, 2019

Jakarta. Indonesian artificial intelligence startup Nodeflux ranked 25th in a vendor test the National Institute of Standards and Technology, an agency of the United States Department of Commerce, conducted in September.

Nodeflux competed against 90 other vision AI companies from across the world, including from China and Russia, in the Face Recognition Vendor Test, which maintains a prestigious international leaderboard in the field. The company achieved its ranking in Wild Dataset, one of three categories in the test. 

"Ranking 25th in the Wild Dataset category is such an achievement for Nodeflux, especially when you consider the competition. It shows how our efforts to bring Indonesia's technology development forward, to compete further on a global scale against more of the world's leading technology companies, is paying off," Meidy Fitranto, Nodeflux's co-founder and chief executive, said in a press release on Tuesday.

In the test, Nodeflux's AI successfully recognized faces in various scenarios, including of different ethnicities, genders and ages. 

This evaluation result proves that Nodeflux is ready to be implemented for diverse purposes, including in retail, security and surveillance, and smart cities.

"The inclusion of Nodeflux's face recognition AI in the list by NIST is the result of our team's constant efforts to improve and deliver the best face recognition solutions; solutions that can solve real-world problems," Faris Rahman, the company's co-founder and chief technology officer, said in the press release.

VisonAIre, Nodeflux's vision AI technology, has been implemented by among others, the National Police, NVIDIA, state-owned toll operator Jasa Marga, HP Enterprise and IBM.

Russia's 3DiVi, Singapore's Adera Global and South Korea's Alchera Technologies top the list in the overall test result.