Instagram's 'Restrict' feature will be tested soon. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Instagram Now Uses AI to Detect and Stop Online Bullying


JULY 09, 2019

Jakarta. Instagram has released a new feature to combat online bullying on its platform. The feature uses Artificial Intelligence to notify users when they are about to post offensive or bullying comments.

"This intervention gives an opportunity for users to reconsider or cancel a hurtful comment," Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Now when the Instagram app detects an offensive word in a comment, a pop-up question will appear, "Are you sure you want to post this?" alongside an "Undo" button.

According to Instagram, users have used the feature to replace offensive comments with more positive ones during a limited trial. 

Instagram‚ÄčInstagram releases a new feature to make users think twice before posting an offensive comment. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Instagram will also offer an alternative option if a user is not sure whether to block, unfollow or report a bully. The "Restrict" option allows initially blocking someone's comments. You can then show or hide the comments as you please. 

Restricted users will not be able to see if the person who has restricted them is online or has seen their messages. This feature will be tested soon.

"Instagram knows that bullying is a real challenge faced by many, especially young people. This feature was designed according to how people usually bully [in real life and online] and how people respond to it," Mosseri said.

Online bullying is now considered a serious issue that can trigger mental health problems, including depression and even suicide.