CSIS Security Group has warned Android users of malware hidden inside several applications on the Google Play Store. (Antara Photo/Muhammad Arif Pribadi)

'Joker' Malware Steals Your Data Through Fun Apps


SEPTEMBER 09, 2019

Jakarta. Cybersecurity firm CSIS Security Group has warned Android users of malware dubbed Joker hidden inside several applications on Google Play.

About 1.25 billion Android users are at risk from an "update setting" in apps that have all been found to carry the trojan, and which had been downloaded by nearly half a million users.

"So far, we have detected it in 24 apps with over 472,000 installs in total," Aleksejs Kuprins, a security researcher at the CSIS Security Group, said in his blog.

He said the malware silently simulates interaction with advertisement websites and steal users' text messages, contact lists and device information. The app also subscribes users to premium services in the background, which could have financial implications for users.

Kuprins said the malware was targeting users in 37 countries, including Indonesia. Google Play has removed all the affected apps, but the trojan may still be around, as it has been installed on so many phones, where it has access to contact lists.

If you have any of the affected apps, listed below, on your phone, remove them immediately. If you have used any of the apps, check your subscription account and your bank statements. Also, seeing that most of these apps are for entertainment purposes, take extra precaution with your children's gadgets.

  1. Beach Camera
  2. Mini Camera
  3. Certain Wallpaper
  4. Reward Clean
  5. Age Face
  6. Altar Message
  7. Soby Camera
  8. Declare Message
  9. Display Camera
  10. Rapid Face Scanner
  11. Leaf Face Scanner
  12. Board Picture editing
  13. Cute Camera
  14. Dazzle Wallpaper
  15. Spark Wallpaper
  16. Climate SMS
  17. Great VPN
  18. Humour Camera
  19. Print Plant scan
  20. Advocate Wallpaper
  21. Ruddy SMS Mod
  22. Ignite Clean
  23. Antivirus Security – Security Scan App Lock
  24. Collate Face Scanner