Maserati MC20 (Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)

Maserati’s First Supercar in 16 Years Available in Indonesia


SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Jakarta. Maserati has recently introduced its first supercar in 16 years called the MC20, which it claims can do 0-100 km per hour in less than three seconds. The legendary Italian automaker promised that its “loyal and wonderful” Indonesian fans won’t be left behind when MC20 global deliveries begin in January.

“The MC20 is the pinnacle of Maserati design, engineering and technology. This car is the future of Maserati,” Jason Broome, the managing director of Maserati Indonesia, told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday.


Maserati designers and engineers have spent nearly two years to develop MC20 in Modena, where other models of the Italian marque have been born in the last 80 years.

“This car is 100 percent made in Italy,” Broome said.

To be precise, the company’s brochure reads that the MC20 project is “100 percent made in Modena, starting right from its engine”.

It’s Maserati’s first supercar since the launch of two-seater MC12 in 2004, but the latest model is completely a different animal.

Newborn Engine

The MC20 is powered by a brand new V6, 3.0L turbo engine called Nettuno, or Neptune, which delivers 621 horsepower and a top speed of just above 325 km per hour.

The patented twin-combustion engine is the first engine to be fully developed by Maserati since 1998, inspired by current Formula 1 powertrains for a more powerful and more fuel efficient car.

(Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)
(Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)

Nettuno engine is the first creation of the Maserati Engine Lab in Modena, which involves more than 100 full-time engineers, technicians and skilled workmen working on “not only the engines of today, but also on the electric designs of the future”, the company said.

More Flexible with Carbon Fiber

The MC20 weighs less than 1,500 kg thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber and composites in the entire chassis. 

The company said carbon fiber allows the creation of exterior shapes impossible with press-formed metal. It also makes way for the introduction of scissor doors in MC20 unlike other Maserati models.

(Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)
(Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)

Maserati has designed the carbon fiber monocoque to suit all three types of MC20 -- the coupé, the convertible and the future electric version.

The three versions share the same monocoque architecture and geometry but with different distribution and quantity of carbon fibers and layers.

“The focus for the coupé will be on light weight and performance; the convertible demands greater torsional rigidity due to the absence of a roof; and the electric version will have more overall strength and enhanced protection for the battery area,” the company said.

But Broome said he cannot provide a timeline for the launch of the electric version.

Niche Market

Since the global premiere on Sept. 9, orders for the MC20 have started worldwide, including Indonesia.

“The MC20 won’t be available until next year so right now we just let people know,” Broome said.

He invited potential buyers in Indonesia to come to his office to discuss their choice in color, customize the interior and add extra features.

The Indonesian price tag may go north of Rp 9 billion ($604,000) that Broome said “is very competitive” in the class.

Anyway, big sales number is not attached to a premium car whose production is limited to 7,000 units a year.

“We anticipate the MC20 will arrive in January next year. The market for Maserati will be niche,” Broome said.

What’s the point in driving a supercar in a crowded Jakarta traffic? 

Broome appeared to suggest that being behind the steering wheel of the Trident brand already guarantees the pleasure of standing out of the crowd regardless of the speed of the car.

“I say Maserati is a luxurious, fashionable and prestigious vehicle. It can be so comfortable in real traffic condition. Just sit comfortably and enjoy the sound from the stereo,” he said.

(Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)
(Photo Courtesy of Maserati Indonesia)