Telkomsel's network director Nugroho. (Photo Courtesy of Telkomsel)

Telkomsel Ensures No Coverage Blank Spot for G20 Summit


OCTOBER 22, 2022

Bali. State-owned telecommunications firm Telkomsel recently said that it had geared up for possibly soaring traffic over telecom networks during the upcoming G20 Summit in Bali.

“All these [preparations] are to make sure that there won’t be any coverage blank spots. [Also to ensure that] the capacity is enough to serve the increasing demand during the G20 summit. Because a good many of guests from home and abroad will gather here in Bali,” Telkomsel’s network director Nugroho told a press conference in Bali earlier this week.


Nugroho said Telkomsel had installed a total of 682 base transceiver stations (BTS) ahead of the summit. Thirty-nine of the said 682 base stations are for 5G mobile networks. The summit will have 320 4G base stations, and 130 others for 3G in service, according to Nugroho.

He said that Telkomsel would install 193 2G base stations, while also adding 11 compact mobile base stations (Combat), as well as 88 4G BTS and 120 Gbps. To date, Bali has 7,801 base transceiver stations.

“We anticipate that the communication traffic could soar in areas such as lodgings, the main venue, airport, ports, and tourist sites by making sure the availability of sufficient network capacity for all delegates,” Nugroho said.

Telkomsel has also set up special posts and made preparations over the past few months for optimum network and broadband service quality. 

The cellular operator also provides the Tourist Prepaid Card sim card that supports Telkomsel’s Hyper 5G service. The card users will get a bonus of 25GB data quota, a 25-minute local call, and a 25-minute international direct dialing.

 As for international roaming, Telkomsel has partnered with 382 mobile telecommunication firms from 180 countries across the globe. Forty-eight of the said companies come from the G20 delegates’ countries. 

According to Nugroho, Telkomsel has established a 4G roaming partnership with at least one cellular operator in every country. It has also partnered with 12 cellular telecommunication firms from the US, Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Korea, France, China, Russia, and Turkey for 5G roaming.