Speakers at the MMA Ramadan Insight 2020 event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jakarta last month. (Photo courtesy of MMA)

The More You Know Your Consumer, the Better: MMA Ramadan Insight


MARCH 23, 2020

Jakarta. Ramadan can be a gold mine for industry players if they play their cards right by implementing personalized mobile marketing, a recent report said.

The industry is currently gravitating toward mobile marketing to respond to the surge of internet users across the Indonesian archipelago.


Although claimed to be cost-effective, personalizing marketing for a vast internet audience can be challenging as marketers must reach the right person with the right message at the right time.

Companies are polishing their marketing strategy for Ramadan in April and May, when Indonesians typically spend more than they do at other times of the year.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) held a discussion for businesses to share their marketing insight for Ramadan last month to make sure everyone seize the opportunity. 

"With the increase of smartphone users in Indonesia, mobile phones can be the perfect channel for marketers to engage with customers. MMA Ramadan Insight 2020 acts as a platform for these industry players to share their strategies for the fasting month," MMA country manager Shanti Tolani said at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jakarta.

Know Your Consumer

A survey of more than 1,800 users by advertising platform InMobi took center stage at the discussion, with the takeaway that a personalized ad experience tailored to the customer's interests works best.

Businesses need to have an in-depth understanding of consumer shopping behaviors beforehand.

"Around 47 percent of Indonesians spend more than 50 percent of their annual salary bonus on groceries, clothing, home appliances and travel. There is usually also a 1.5 times increase in impulsive buying [during Ramadan]," the report says.

Some local Ramadan traditions that increase impulse buying include buying new outfits for Idul Fitri as a sign of fresh start for Muslims and buying gifts for relatives when they return to their hometown for mudik. 

With these trends in mind, companies could cash in by generating relatable Ramadan personas such as a mudik traveler, a modest fashion enthusiast or a hijabista in their campaigns.

Since the fasting month also promotes acts of kindness, consumers are also most likely drawn to brands that carry a social cause.

For their Ramadan campaign last year, Bear Brand launched a YouTube ad featuring a man giving away schoolbooks to children in need.

"The sterilized milk brand strategically used video – the millennials' preferred format – to tap into Ramadan's spirit of giving. Bear Brand managed to reach 597,000 users with a 10 percent increase in in-store footfall with the campaign," the report says.

Keeping Things Simple

For e-commerce giant Tokopedia, Ramadan is when it thrives the most every year.

According to the company's associate vice president, Edwin Chayadi, sales typically double with an average basket size increase of 70 percent during the fasting month.

Their daily transaction value during last year's Ramadan set a new record by exceeding the platform's accumulated total transaction value in its first six years.

In terms of mobile marketing, however, Tokopedia took a more straightforward approach by concentrating on writing clear descriptions for each product on their platform and presenting more professional product photography.

They also rely even more on fast delivery during Ramadan as customers tend to prefer instant or same-day delivery during the month, Edwin said.