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Tokopedia Voted as Most Trusted E-Commerce in Kadence International Survey

December 9, 2022 | 10:55 pm
Tokopedia tower in Kuningan, South Jakarta. (Photo Courtesy of Tokopedia)
Tokopedia tower in Kuningan, South Jakarta. (Photo Courtesy of Tokopedia)

Jakarta. Tokopedia has been named the safest, most trusted, and most satisfying e-commerce platform in a recent survey by global market research firm Kadence International.

Kadence said the survey was conducted from 2-15 November 2022, involving 1,200 e-commerce users in major cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, and Medan. 

“Promotions and prices are not always the main determining factors of e-commerce customer satisfaction in Indonesia," the report said.

Online shoppers are more influenced by the safety and quality of the customer journey offered by e-commerce platforms, starting from the products to the delivery process. 


“The survey digs deeper into the aspects that drive satisfaction and trust of Indonesians with regards to e-commerce platforms, and examines e-commerce platforms that excel in each of these aspects.”

Tokopedia earned the most votes as the safest (85 percent), most trusted (86 percent), and most satisfying e-commerce platform in terms of products and shipping services (85 percent).

Tokopedia Voted as Most Trusted E-Commerce in Kadence International Survey
Kadence International survey.

Overall, Tokopedia is also the e-commerce platform with the highest user satisfaction index (89.68), followed by Shopee (87.77) and Lazada (81.61).

Safety, product quality, and authenticity, as well as shipping, determine how satisfied users are with the e-commerce platform they are using, Kadence said. 

"Online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives. With so many e-commerce platforms available, consumers are looking for e-commerce platforms that can provide users with a sense of safety and comfort throughout the entire consumer shopping journey. Therefore, factors such as guaranteeing product quality, the ease of payment, and delivery processes are essential elements that are highly considered by users,” said Adhistya Febriani, Associate Research Director at Kadence International.

Tokopedia Voted as Most Trusted E-Commerce in Kadence International Survey
Kadence International survey.

Kadence found that Tokopedia is leading in terms of quality of products (85 percent), reliability of shipping services (85 percent), and protection of users' personal data (84 percent). 

From the payment side, respondents saw Tokopedia and Shopee as the top two e-commerce platforms providing easy payment and a variety of payment methods, with 88 percent of respondents choosing Tokopedia and 82 percent choosing Shopee. 

Meanwhile, Blibli ranks third in this aspect with 62 percent of the votes, followed by Lazada (60 percent). 

Post-purchase reviews are also considered by users. In his regard, 86 percent of respondents named Shopee as the e-commerce platform that has the most buyer reviews, 76 percent voted for Tokopedia, and 52 percent for Lazada.

Promotions and discount offers came fifth in buyers’ decisions to select an e-commerce platform. 

Shopee excels in this aspect, with 81 percent of respondents choosing it as the e-commerce platform with the most attractive promotions. With increasingly tight competition in the e-commerce industry, promotions are one of the most frequently-used tactics to attract users. 

However, the survey by Kadence International shows that this tactic does not have a major impact on generating user satisfaction and loyalty.

Meanwhile, user experience satisfaction creates long-term effects that lead to higher levels of trust and loyalty.

Kadence International also sees that it is important for e-commerce platforms to shift their strategy from solely relying on promotion competition to tactics that strengthen their brand positioning in terms of safety, quality, and user experience.

“E-commerce users are becoming more observant in choosing the services they use. In the end, an e-commerce platform that can provide a safe and high-quality shopping experience as a whole will win the hearts of users and market competition," Adhistya said.

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