HappyFresh Taps Into the Market Created by Working Women

A HappyFresh personal shopper at the supermarket. (Photo courtesy of HappyFresh)

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 5:52 PM June 15, 2016
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Jakarta. According to a survey by app-based supermarket delivery service HappyFresh, women bear a heavy burden as more families become dual-income households to make ends meet, providing a new market of consumers for companies to tap into.

The survey was conducted between April 15 and 28, with 800 mothers between the ages of 25 and 45 years in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The survey results, which were released on Tuesday (14/06) revealed that 46 percent of respondents choose to work to provide additional income for the family. The survey also revealed that 64 percent felt they lack enough time with their children, while 13 percent felt they lack time for themselves and 10 percent felt they lack time with their partners. Additionally, about 38 percent of the respondents said they felt stressed by their daily routines.

In addition to earning for their families, the working moms also spend their time at home doing household chores. About 64.2 percent of respondents said they have to do chores all by themselves, without any domestic helpers or assistance from partners or family.

Approximately 43 percent of the respondents spend more than one hour a day doing household chores and 15 percent of them spend more than three hours a day on such chores.

Using this market research, HappyFresh has found itself a market to capitalize on.

"With this insight, we would like to encourage working mothers to leave the heavy lifting to us and let us do the grocery shopping for you," HappyFresh founder and chief executive Markus Bihler said in a statement.

HappyFresh, which was founded in 2014, allows customers to do grocery shopping from their computers or smartphones. The delivery service's personal shoppers then select the items at the supermarket before delivering it within an hour if possible, without the stress of long queues at the supermarket cashiers or traffic jams.

"As a mom, it brings us joy to spend most of our time caring for our children and bringing them up," Miranda Apriyanti, HappyFresh Jakarta office manager and mother of two, said in the statement. "I'm happy to work in a company that helps working moms like me make the best of our time with our children, instead of queuing at a supermarket."

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