Nada Kita: A New Beginning for Music Labels and Artists

The app features music from artists across the country. (Photo courtesy of Nada Kita)

By : Annisa Dina | on 8:53 PM July 20, 2016
Category : Life & Style, Technology

Jakarta. Australian-based music engagement company Tuned Global has launched Nada Kita, a free mobile music app for the Indonesian market.

The app promises users unlimited local music access, while simultaneously allowing music labels to monetize their content based on a shared-revenue model from independent music labels in Indonesia, Aquarius Musikindo, Musica Studios, MyMusic, Nagaswara, Trinity Optima Production and VMC Music Entertainment.

“The application is supported by brands, so it’s completely free. The interface is user-friendly, with playlist curated by local music editors. Most importantly, the application offers a solution to music streaming as it will not take up a hefty internet quota to its users,” said Tuned Global managing editor Con Raso in a statement sent to the Jakarta Globe on Tuesday (19/07).

According to Tuned Global, the free app aims to combat the common issue of music piracy in Indonesia in an effort to create sustainable growth in the local music industry.

“Nada Kita is an extraordinary opportunity for music labels and artists. The application allows us to distribute an extensive music catalogue to its users, and help artists to stay connected with their fans in a more personal way and bridge the brand partnership,” said Musica Studios managing director Gumilang Ramadhan.

Tuned Global has also partnered up with local electronics manufacturer Supertone’s SPC Mobile, aiming to build an effective communicative relationship with their customers by using the low-risk model and has Nada Kita pre-installed on all SPC phones.

“Music is a way to build emotional relationship with the costumers. The data, which Nada Kita gathers, will assist us in segmenting the target audience. It helps us to stay relevant [to the market],” SPC Mobile general manager Raymond Tedjokusumo said in a statement.

Nada Kita mobile application is now available for download on Apple Store and Google Play.

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