Yuna & Co Launches Indonesia's First Fashion Matchmaking App

The Yuna & Co smartphone app provides you with a personal fashion matchmaker, which helps you define your fashion style. (Photo courtesy of Yuna & Co)

By : Diella Yasmine | on 5:05 PM December 14, 2017
Category : Life & Style, Technology

Jakarta. Following its grand launch in May, Jakarta-based startup Yuna & Co unveiled the newest feature of its eponymous smartphone application, which allows women to have a complete journey, from outfit discovery, to purchase.

Yuna & Co, founded in October last year by Winzendy Tedja, Antonius Murdhani and Roy Prawira, provides the first personal styling and shopping app in Indonesia, providing women with their personal fashion matchmakers.

"Yuna is the first fashion matchmaker in Indonesia powered by Al and machine learning. We believe in pushing ourselves to the limit with innovations and technology, user experience and business models, bringing new thinking to bridge the gaps that exist within the category, using creativity," Winzendy, chief executive of Yuna & Co, said during a press conference in South Jakarta on Wednesday (13/12).

The app helps women navigate the world of fashion, look for inspiration, find celebrity looks, mix and match items to create favorite styles, interact with influential figures, purchase their favorite clothes, footwear and accessories, or simply show off their fashion flare.

The process of using the app is very personal. After registering, users will have to choose their favorite styles, colors and preferred brands, followed by their favorite fashion statements that define their personalities.

After completing all the information, users will be able to communicate with Yuna, their personal machine learning fashion matchmaker, through a chatbot that will learn about their shopping habits, the kind of clothes they like, based on their styles and preferences, to match them with items offered by various brands.

Users can also purchase their favorite items from local and international fashion brands directly from the app.

There are currently 32 brands and over 50,000 stock-keeping units in Yuna's database, allowing for millions of possible matches.

According to Winzendy, more than 40 percent of Yuna's beta testers interact with the chatbots and put things into their closets at an average of 5.6 items per closet.

"Everything is possible at the reach of your fingertips as Yuna curates women's fashion intelligently, matchmaking what women want with curated brands," he said.

He added that the app was created to match every woman with the right of fashion.

"We believe fashion is supposed to be fun, easy and free for women to explore and experiment with at any time. We envision Yuna to empower women through fashion."

Yuna & Co has already attracted more than 500 subscribers since its launch.

"Over the next three months, we are targeting between 15,000 and 25,000. To improve the customer experience, we are going to add some new features and develop a more scalable system," Winzendy said.

When the iOS version of the app launched in May, the company had already secured a Garena-sponsored booth at Tech in Asia Singapore. Garena is a consumer internet platform provider, founded in the city-state in 2009.

Yuna also teamed up as an exhibitor with Project Alpha during the RISE conference in Hong Kong in July. It has recently been given the stage to pitch among the top 15 selected startups in the G-Startup Worldwide competition.

As for next year, Winzendy said their business expansion plan will focus on ensuring that they build the best product available.

"We want to make sure that the content we provide to our users is accurate and in accordance with their styles and make sure that people will enjoy using [the app]," he said.

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