Four ISIS-Linked Terror Suspects Who Plan Attack Against Police Arrested in Surabaya

The police's elite antiterror unit Densus 88 secures evidence seized from the home of an ISIS-linked terror suspect arrested in Surabaya on Thursday (09/06). (Antara Photo/M. Risyal Hidayat)

By : Eko Prasetyo & Farouk Arnaz | on 3:40 PM June 10, 2016
Category : News, Featured, Terrorism

Jakarta. A spokesman for the National Police confirmed the arrest of another Islamic State (ISIS)-linked terror suspect in Surabaya—identified only as "S"—on Thursday (09/06), after three were arrested the day before.

Currently, the police’s elite counterterror unit Densus 88 is looking for more terror suspects in Surabaya.

“Densus is looking for them [other suspects]. We think S is related to the other three suspects we arrested on Wednesday,” spokesman Brig. Gen. Agus Rianto said in Jakarta.

“They have links to the ISIS network in Syria. S and the others have been constantly communicating with the [Indonesian] group there,” Agus said.

Police arrested the three terror suspects at various locations in Surabaya. They were allegedly planning an attack on a police station in East Surabaya, similar to the Thamrin bombing in Jakarta last January.

The police confiscated HMTD high explosives, two homemade long rifles, a handgun, a pack of ammunition and several types of chemical powder suspected to be raw materials for a homemade bomb.

The three terror suspects were identified by their initials PHP, BR and FN. Their affiliation with ISIS is allegedly managed by Abu Jandal, an Indonesian who had joined an ISIS group in Syria and whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

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