Police to Stop Using Live Grenades in Training After Fatal Mishap

The body of a killed trainee is evacuated on Tuesday. (Antara Photo/Jojon)

By : Farouk Arnaz | on 2:57 PM March 30, 2016
Category : News, Crime, Terrorism

Jakarta. National Police will stop the use of live grenades to train security guards in explosive handling after a blast occurred during one training session in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi on Tuesday (29/03) killing four people.

A live grenade was accidentally detonated as the provincial police conducted a training program for a dozen security guards from a local university, killing the instructor, Brig. Haidir and three participants, identified as Kaharudin, Jufriady and Supriadi.

Eight more were seriously wounded in the blast. They are now being treated at nearby Abunawas Hospital.

National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Agus Rianto said police earlier felt it is essential to bring live explosives to such training programs “so security guards can differentiate the real thing from the fake ones.”

“That is the reason why [Southeast Sulawesi police] brought in a live grenade. So they would know what to do if they see one. This is an unfortunate accident,” Agus said at the National Police headquarters in Jakarta on Wednesday.

“Future training sessions will not use live explosives but using mock ones as simulation,”

The session was part of a 20-day training program by the provincial police to teach the university's security guards how to deal with crime, violence and terrorism.

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