Passenger Bus Causes 11 Vehicle Pile-Up Collision on Bawen-Semarang Toll Road

Bawen-Semarang toll road. (Antara Photo/Aditya Pradana Putra)

By : Amal Ganesha | on 4:10 PM December 27, 2017
Category : News, Transportation

Jakarta. A total of 11 vehicles were involved in a pile-up crash on the Bawen-Semarang toll road in Semarang, Central Java, on Monday night (25/12), resulting in minor injuries and zero fatalities, state-run news agency Antara reported.

A "Rosalia Indah" passenger bus was reportedly driving at an unsafe speed and rear-ended a vehicle, resulting in a collision that affected a total of 11 vehicles, including a large truck.

"Due to lack of anticipation, the bus [driver] hit the vehicle in front him, which made that vehicle hit the vehicle in front it, and so on and so on," said Nanda Firman, a communications officer at toll operator Trans Marga Jateng.

"The toll road has been reopened again just one and a half hours after the crash," he added.

There were at least seven individuals with minor injuries caused by the crash. They were treated at a nearby hospital in Banyumanik, Semarang.

Police suspect the bus had faulty brakes.

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