Road Accident in West Java Kills Dozens

Twenty six people died in a road accident in Ciater, West Java, on Saturday (10/02). (Antara Photo/Yusup) Suparman)

By : Telly Nathalia | on 4:42 PM February 11, 2018
Category : News, Transportation

Jakarta. Twenty six people, mostly women, traveling on a tourist bus to Banten were killed in a road accident near Mount Tangkuban Perahu, north of Bandung, West Java, on Saturday afternoon (10/02).

Sixteen people were injured.

The bus was on its way back to Tangerang, Banten, when it hit a motorcycle and rolled over. The accident took place in Ciater, Subang, a police report said.

Police are investigating the accident.

Metro TV reported on Sunday that the victims were buried in Tangerang.

Deadly accidents are not rare at the crash site. In one of them, four foreign tourists were killed in 2011.


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