A man crafts a pair of sneakers using chicken feet 'leather' in Bandung, West Java. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)

Bandung's Chicken Feet Sneakers


MARCH 24, 2020

Bandung-born Nurman Farieka Ramdhany is a talented entrepreneur who makes fashionable shoes using an unusual material: chicken feet. 

His father did the research for the family's idiosyncratic chicken feet shoes but it was Nurman who drew up the business plan and in 2017 started scaling up production under his Hirka brand. 

Nurman collects 55 kilograms of chicken feet from five sellers in Bandung every day to make the Hirka shoes. 

Though Hirka has produced everything from men's brogues to stilettos, the bulk of its production is now dedicated to sneakers. 

Hirka produces only 70 pairs every month to keep quality high. Its line of chicken feet sneakers, which are starting to find international distributors, start from Rp 500,000 ($31). 

This year Nurman plans to open the first Hirka pop-up store in Jakarta.

Shoe mold in a pile of chicken feet leather that is being dried in the Hirka shoe production house. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
A shoe last among a pile of chicken feet 'leather.' (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
A Workers crafts shoes that made from ceker or chicken feet at Hirka Home Industry in Bandung, West Java. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)
Making a midsole out of chicken feet. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
The chicken feet shoes finishing process. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
Burnishing an outsole. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
A worker polishes the shoe outsole in Hirka Chicken Foot Shoes industry, Bandung, West Java. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
Sanding the midsole on a chicken feet sneaker. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
A worker sews a shoe midsole made of chicken feet. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)
Sewing the sole on a pair of chicken feet sneakers. (JG Photo/Catur Nugroho)