Indonesian crew members of the World Dream cruise ship being evacuated by Indonesian Navy warship KRI Dr. Soeharso in Durian Strait off Riau on Wednesday. (Antara Photo/Indonesian Navy Public Relations and Media Directorate)

Jumping Ship


FEBRUARY 26, 2020

A total of 188 Indonesian crew members on the World Dream cruise ship were evacuated on Wednesday by Indonesian Navy warship KRI Dr. Soeharso. After leaving Hong Kong, where all crew members were given a medical checkup to make sure they have not been infected by the coronavirus, World Dream had dropped anchor in the Durian Strait off Riau Islands province on Tuesday on its way to Seattle. The Indonesians who chose to abandon the ship – there are a total of 270 Indonesian crew members on World Dream – will be quarantined on Sebaru Kecil, one of the islands that make up the Thousand Islands archipelago just north of Jakarta.