Passengers on the KM Jelatik Express ferry wave to well-wishers at Sei Duku Port in Pekanbaru, Riau, on Thursday (23/05). (Antara Photo/Rony Muharrman)

Mudik: the Great Exodus


MAY 27, 2019

Indonesians across the archipelago have been kept busy preparing for mudik, an annual ritual for Muslims to go back to their hometown to see families and friends on Idul Fitri. 

In the last ten days of Ramadan, preparation for Lebaran, the two days when Idul Fitri is celebrated in Indonesia, is picking up pace. Some people even choose to leave early to beat the Lebaran traffic rush.

Some choose to avoid traveling inland altogether. Muslims from Riau have been boarding the Jelatik Ekspres ferry in the past few days before the Lebaran ticket hike starts in earnest.

Around 23 million Indonesians are expected to make the long journey back from big cities to their kampung this Lebaran holiday. 

Kereta Api Indonesia (Railways Indonesia) said they have prepared eight extra trains to take passengers from Jakarta to small cities and towns in Central and East Java. These extra trains can accommodate up to 2,620 passengers. 

Police are also busy preparing security arrangements on popular mudik routes, such as the Trans Palu-Donggala highway in Central Sulawesi and Pantura, the long stretch of highways along the northern coast of Java. 

The police have named their Lebaran security operation this year "Operasi Ketupat Candi" ("Rice Cake Temple Operation").

Participants of
Pasar Senen Train Station in Central Jakarta is already filled with travelers waiting to go back to their hometown on Sunday. (Antara Photo/M. Risyal Hidayat)
Students from various Islamic Boarding Schools are waiting for the arrival of the Gaya Baru Malam Train at Jombang Station, East Java, on Saturday (25/05). Hundreds of Islamic boarding school students in Jombang Regency, start to going home earlier using the train (Antara Photo/ Syaiful Arif)
Santri (boarders at Islamic school) wait for their train at Jombang Station in Jombang, East Java, on Saturday. (Antara Photo/Syaiful Arif)
Aircraft technicians from the Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) have also been seen busy maintenance and repair aircraft engines in their hangar at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten on Sunday (26/05) (Antara Photo/Muhammad Iqbal)
Technicians hard at work in the Garuda Maintenance Facility at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten, on Sunday. (Antara Photo/Muhammad Iqbal)
Police, Army and Indonesian Railways Company officers conduct an inspection on railroad tracks during the homecoming preparation operation at Kemiri Station, Karanganyar, Central Java on Monday (27/05). (Antara Photo/Maulana Surya)
Inspecting railroad tracks at Kemiri Station in Karanganyar, Central Java, on Monday. (Antara Photo/Maulana Surya)
Workers repair the Trans Palu-Donggala road section at Kilometer Three in Palu, Central Sulawesi on Saturday (25/05).(Antara Photo/ Basri Marzuki)
Road workers making some last-minute repair on the Trans Palu-Donggala highway in Central Sulawesi on Saturday. (Antara Photo/Basri Marzuki)
Officers record  packages of motorcycle during the free shipping program at Kiaracondong Station, Bandung, West Java on Monday (27/05). The Ministry of Transportation provides a quota for 18,096 motorbikes for free shipping using railroad transportation during the homecoming season. (Antara Photo/ Novrian Arbi)
Packing up scooters for delivery by train at Kiaracondong Station in Bandung, West Java, on Monday. This year the Transportation Ministry allows motorists to ship their bikes home for free. (Antara Photo/Novrian Arbi)
Vehicles drive through flood prone area in Surabaya-Semarang highway in Demak, Central Java on Saturday (25/05). The Tanjung Emas Maritime Meteorology Station in Semarang warn travelers to be careful when driving through Pekalongan, Semarang, Demak, and Rembang during the Lebaran 2019 homecoming. (Antara Photo/Aji Styawan)
A flooded stretch on the Surabaya-Semarang highway near Demak, Central Java, on Saturday. (Antara Photo/Aji Styawan)
Police will be held a homecoming operation called the Ketupat Candi Operation while establishing security posts and rest areas at various points along the northern coast line (Pantura).
A police station in Pantura being decked out like a mosque. (Antara Photo)
Workers clean the waiting room facilities in Sukarno Hatta Port, Makassar, South Sulawesi on Saturday (25/05). About 23 million people will travel to their hometowns starting early this week to celebrate the Lebaran holiday.(Antara Photo/Abriawan Abhe)
A cleaner working overtime at the Sukarno-Hatta Port in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Saturday. (Antara Photo/Abriawan Abhe)
Travelers ride their bike to avoid traffic in Pantura on Tegal, Central Java on Sunday (26/05). (Antara Photo/ Oky Lukmansyah)
Some people prefer to make the mudik journey on their bike, though hundreds of motoriests die on the road during mudik every year. These mudik travelers are seen in Tegal, Central Java, on Sunday. (Antara Photo/Oky Lukmansyah)
Bus passengers are waiting for their bus to depart from Mengwi Type A Terminal, Badung, Bali on Sunday (26/05). (Antara Photo/Fikri Yusuf)
Passengers wait for their bus to depart at Mengwi Terminal in Badung, Bali, on Sunday. (Antara Photo/Fikri Yusuf)
Passengers line up to depart at Pantoloan Port in Palu, Central Sulawesi on Sunday (26/05). They use ship because high fare of airlines tickets (Antara Photo/Mohamad Hamzah)
Passengers board a ferry at Pantoloan Port in Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Sunday. Because of skyrocketing airfares, more people are expected to travel by sea for mudik this year. (Antara Photo/Mohamad Hamzah)