In this screen capture, serial killer suspect Wowon Erawan, left, is being interrogated by a policeman in plain clothes.

Watch: Suspects Tied to Nine Murders Arrested by Police


JANUARY 22, 2023

Cianjur. Police recently arrested two elderly men charged with murdering at least nine people and later found several bodies buried in camouflaged graves near their homes in the West Java town of Cianjur.

Wowon Erawan, 60, dressing in a red shirt, could be seen dragged by a policeman in plain clothes and interrogated by another officer in the footage aired by BTV news channel.

He is believed to be the leader of a killer trio who deceived people by claiming they can multiply money but then killed their victims with poisoned drinks after taking their money. 

The second suspect identified as Solihin, 65, was arrested in a separate raid. In the presented video frame, Solihin was seated on the floor as an officer kneeled and questioned him.


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The third suspect named Dede Solehudin, 35, was detained earlier after he was found dying from coffee poisoning together with four victims at a rented house in Bekasi on January 12.

Police established evidence that he drank a small amount of the poisoned coffee to convince his victims – three of them died a day later at the hospital.

His testimony led police to Wowon and Solihin.